Junior School

Junior School prepares children from Grade 1 To Grade 5 for academic success in middle school, high school, college and beyond!  Our dedicated teachers, outstanding academics and varied enrichment classes all contribute to a challenging, yet nurturing program.  Small classroom sizes allow a personalized approach for each student—irrespective of whether your child is academically gifted or has learning differences.  Excellent achievement scores illustrate our academic success and happy, well-rounded children reflect our positive learning environment.



The core skills that form part of our programme are:

    Outstanding student-teacher ratios: averaging 15:1
    Weekly skill classes: art, computer lab, library, music, physical education
    Resource Room Support for learning difficulties.
    Circle Time activities.
    Well Planned Field trips
    Prep time: Teacher-led after school care

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluations (CCE) are done across the two terms. Grade 5 students also have a written component in their evaluation program. Feedback is regularly given to Students, as well as Parents through Open Houses. Remedial sessions are regularly scheduled for children who need help.